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"Do not do what I ask you, you are not right with you and your team!" The basic decision that first led Simona Halep: "All his career has changed since then, this thing opened her eyes and woke her up in reality"


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Simona Halle is the first in the world after a great year in which she won her first Grand Slam. Former champion Chris Evert revealed when Romania understood the importance of a coach like Darren Cahill, two of whom made a temporary stop in 2016 after the Miami tournament.

"Do you know what makes the difference for Simona and why nobody can compete with her?" Coaches coaches play a more important role today in tennis than we think and I think Darren has a very strong relationship with the fact that Simona almost all year long left her in the first place after the Miami tour because she did not have a good attitude, she was very tough on herself and her team When she left she said, "You know, you do not do what I ask you you are right with yourself and your team, you have to llaxeis ". And left", said Chris Evert, according to

The former big tennis player in detail: "This has opened her eyes to Simone, made her understand that it is better to be a professional in the field, to believe her, to manage her feelings much better, these words have brought her to reality, and since then everything has changed from when all this has gone well for her, she won matches when she was not on a high level, returned after being led with a set, started banging balls that usually do not. All his career has changed since then with Darren and his service has improved and now the attitude of t that's the key to how tennis dominates. "

Cahill also explained what happened at the time. "The hardest time was after a Miami tournament, and it was against Bacsinszky and it was not just this fight." There were already many miserable struggles gathered from the lack of concentration. explain, talk about the need to change something from a spiritual point of view But I felt that everything was passing by It did not hear me Nothing went wrong!

As a coach, you should always be ready to try something else. So I tried a shock treatment. We decided we had to take a break in co-operation. Four weeks have passed since I did not work together! Before Madrid he called me, told me he had learned his lesson and asked me to come back. I noticed that things changed, that it gave more power. So I agreed to come back, "Australian said on Tennis Racket.

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