Monday , May 29 2023



Facebook Messenger is retiring

Facebook Messenger. Unsend has started from Facebook for the messaging platform and many users can use it today to remove the messages that have been sent. The departure for Facebook Messenger has been announced for several weeks for users around the world and has now begun distributing it to Bolivia, Colombia, Poland and Lithuania with other countries on the list.

Facebook Messenger. With Unsend, we will have 10 minutes to withdraw every message we sent to a person with whom we have talks through the platform. The 10-minute limit is put in place to help us think seriously if we really want to give up this message sent via Facebook Messenger, which prevents harassment by sending defamatory messages and quickly deleting them.

Facebook Messenger. UNSEND was LANSATA

Facebook Messenger is withdrawn 1

Facebook Messenger. Although messages can be deleted by users, those who have received them and do not see them will still have a message telling them that they have received a message but this has been deleted by the sender. Here, basically, Facebook Messenger will give many to think about the message it received and why it was deleted by the sender and of course there will be many conversations among people, as is the case with WhatsApp feature.

Facebook Messenger. Interestingly, this new feature will not only be provided for standard messages, but also for encrypted messages or even for entire conversations made by users. In fact, Facebook Messenger is going to deliver impressive changes from the US company, and this is a great thing for everyone, so we can expect many more interesting surprises from the company in the future.

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