Monday , March 20 2023

Local: Kindergarten 9 from Burdujeni opens today without restrictions after meningitis "Monitorul Suceava


Kindergarten with Extensive Program Nr. 9, from Suceava, is open today without restrictions for the 420 children enrolled here. The meningitis epidemic that was registered almost two weeks ago was declared closed by the Public Health Directorate (DSP) Suceava, which gave the new opinion after the test trials. Kindergarten received from the DSP

recommendations for the epidemiological classification of children at college reception, and to meet the maximum capacity foreseen. This last recommendation is almost impossible to apply because 420 jobs have been registered in 420 children, which makes the overcrowding of the nursery still a major risk factor for infectious-communicable diseases. Only the speed of the administration of the nursery school along with the health and school authorities and the parents' cooperation for the rapid closure of the school, once the disease was confirmed, reached the number of cases of meningitis in just five.

Also, all five children had a mild and moderate form of disease with a very good response to treatment. According to the results of the analysis carried out by the Iasi Regional Public Health Center, the cause of the diseases is represented by a Coxsackie enterovirus that caused the acute meningitis epidemic from 2012. Six years ago, the Coxsackie enterovirus caused an epidemic in Suceava 400 cases.

We recall that on 23 October, the largest kindergarten in Suceava, kindergarten with protracted program Nr. 9 in the Burdujeni area, was closed due to the evolution of an acute meningitis outbreak. The children were hospitalized in the Department of Infectious Diseases of the Emergency Hospital in Suceava.

Once the disease cases have been diagnosed and the Department of Public Health (DSP) recommended the temporary closure of the unit, the Board of Preschool Unit decided that the measure would be implemented immediately.

After closure, disinfection was carried out with specialized companies with effective substances and approved by the Ministry of Health under the supervision of the medical staff of the facility.

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