Tuesday , October 4 2022

Monza in the desert – The new BMW X5 turns into a racing car


Sahara New BMW X5

The circuit of Monza moved in the desert of the Sahara. Formally presented last summer, the new BMW X5, equipped with the xOffroad package, ran on the improvised track in Morocco, under the guidance of a professional pilot.

In Merzouga, Morocco, the weather did not help those who worked to build a 1: 1 copy of the Monza legendary circuit in the desert. Topographers and technicians, engineers and architects worked on the circuit for two weeks. The sand storms that hit their area made them feel like they did Sissyphos.


Stones that were imported from mountainous areas to delineate the 5,793km length were painted in white and red, and a hedge protection fence similar to the one found around the original circuit was placed over them.

BMW Driving Experience Professional trainer, Giorgio Porello, was the driver of the new BMW X5. He knew the Italian circuit, but switching to an improvised version in the desert would be a challenge.

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Giorgio joined xSand (xRocks, xGravel and xSnow and the other three modes available) and forced the acceleration for a show of strength, stability and handling.

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