Friday , September 30 2022

Surprise in Slobozia: A prosecutor has imposed a fine of 5,000 lei for police officers who have stopped him in circulation



Surprise in Slobozia: A prosecutor has imposed a fine of 5,000 lei for police officers who have stopped him in circulation

Prosecutor Mihai Laurentiu, from the prosecutor's office of the Slobozia Court, decided at the beginning of November to amend two police officers who stopped him in circulation in July. According to the decree signed by the prosecutor, MEDIAFAX, the police car stopped it because it exceeded legal speed and ITP had expired, and the whole process of modifying and removing the plates led to delaying the prosecution.

"Failure to impose a harsh punishment would create a dangerous precedent, facilitating not only writers but also other villains, from the power of the example under the guise of imposing sanctions on violations, committing similar abuses against other judges, frightening the judges or, why not , committing such acts poses a threat to any citizen and this risk must be avoided by responding directly. Accepting the opposite conclusion means that we therefore accept that any street police officer, on the pretext that a judge has been ratified in violation, has the ability not only to amend the judge but also to keep him or her more than required by the trial, for deliberate, vengeful, abuse or even for no purpose, on the basis of the unilateral manifestation of will and the subsequent subjective excuses, even temporarily stopping the judge from exercising judicial powers without the latter having some leverage to punish this legal, which contrasts with the prominent role that the legislature gave judges to safeguard public order and the defense of social norms, "says the police to punish the police.

According to the document, the judge was fined by the police at that time with the sum of 2,175 lei, and during the whole process would be ironed by the agents who delayed the action. The prosecutor said he had delayed several hours of work because the police refused to transfer him to the Prosecutor's Office, even though they were traveling to Slovenia.

"With the adoption of these rules, the legislator did not allow the traffic police to delegate its powers beyond the imposition of penalties for road infringements, much less against a judge. … In this context, given the seriousness the application of the maximum amount of the fine is an absolutely necessary measure designed to make the police officers aware of the seriousness of the act of committing a judge. "

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