Friday , September 30 2022

The duel between "dogs" and FCSB preceded two mini-derby in the Elite League U17 and U19 ⚽


Even if they spoke, the squadrons could not program three derby drones – FCSB in just 7 days. The big fight to be held on Sunday at the National Arena (21:00) was preceded by two conflicts of the U17 and U19 teams. And so that the weekend struggle stays unchanged, the victories were split after the races that gave us the phases of play we would like in the game of the elderly.

The derby week began with the big junior team match, Under 19. Dinamo scored 5-2 with all the goals scored after the break. Former Dinamo players Andrei Mărgăritescu and Cătălin Munteanu welcomed the successes of the future "dogs", who hope their victory will be inspiring for Rednic's team in the fight against their opponents.

Robert Matei: "He always has a taste of winning with FCSB"

The winners in what is the most important duel of the season, the Dynasties seemed to float at the end of the game. "It's always sweet to win the FCSB, everything is the same, from the smallest team to the big ones, is the same in these games," said Robert Matei, captain of the "Dogs". Like all his teammates, he dreams of making the junior team a step towards the big team. "We always hope, we do the best, and maybe we'll get to the big team, we're doing our job here, every year we've been the best and we keep doing that," added Matthew.

Victory with Dinamo in Elite League U19 hurts harder than eliminating the Romanian Cup in the elderly

If the Dynamo continues to dream of the big group of "dogs" for the FCSB player Daniel Toma, the dream has come true. He was a member of the team of Nicolae Dică, the last time even in the failure of Danube Calarasi, in the Romanian Cup. "It's not hard to be in both teams, but there is some fatigue, but I'm glad to be playing here and I hope to make a League One debut in the first team and continue on the same line," said Toma. Even if the failure with the Danube marked the elimination of the Romanian Cup team, the young man said it was more painful to defeat the Elite League, Dinamovici: "It's hard to dig two defeats in a week, but Dinamo's failure was more difficult, but we will go further and we hope to win the next race, Dinamo Derby is the most productive," said FCSB captain. He hopes that failure will be restored by his colleagues from the elderly on Sunday: "Surely the team is motivated by the defeat of Calarasi and we all think we will win second with Dinamo."

In U17, the FCSB was forced after the players were notified

A few tens of minutes after the end of Under 19, the Under 17 bout started in the same field at the Ion Tiriac Athletic Complex in Pantelimon. This time FCSB was forced 2-0 thanks to two goals scored in the second half, but also to divine help. Because, even if they were looking for them, the protector Gigi Becali did not find so gods players to say "our father" before the game began. And the prayer was the result, the successors of Tanase, Pintilii or Gnohere defeating the traditional opponent after two goals scored in the course of the game: the counterattack after a corner of the Dynamoists and then a penalty.

At the end of the game, the winner captain, Ovidiu Perianu, was extremely happy to win. He admitted that the Dinamo matches have a particular emotional load, so in these parties he goes to the ground more motivated than ever: "For us, this is the most important fight, so he came with the desire to win the game. "It was a good fight for everyone and a great experience, for us, it's something special to win ahead of Dynamo and I think I saved some honor," Peranou said.

A few days before the big derby between Dinamo and FCSB, obviously the thoughts of all junior clubs are heading for Sunday's race. Perianu is confident that the winner is not the problem and even knows the score: "There is only one derby in the country, Dinamo – Steaua, so everyone comes to see this game. I want to beat Steaua 4-0, said the U17 international.

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