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The latest discovery rewrites the history of nutrition. What are the benefits of cabbage acid – Evenimentul Zilei


The approach of the cold season, especially in Romania, coincides with the time when many Romanians are thinking about sauerkraut. Buying cabbage and then pickling it is a tradition inherited from generation to generation.

For some reason, sauerkraut has always been seen as a reliable ally that helps many families get through the winter more easily. Why did this result occur among so many Romanians?

It should be noted that delicious cabbage for beginners is a solution for many housewives and perfectly complements the pork on the Romanian table, especially in the cold season.

Whether we are talking about sarmale, sauerkraut, cabbage soup or cabbage salad with butter and pepper, sauerkraut is always a solution on the Romanian menu. In addition, it is known to contain the ideal amount of vitamin C to strengthen our immunity when it comes to colds.

What does a dietitian say about sauerkraut

At the same time, according to nutritionist Florin Ioan Bălănică, cabbage acid from a barrel or jar rejuvenates and tones the body. In addition, it is the only food that contains a lot of vitamin B12, but also minerals. These include magnesium, folic acid, potassium, iron and iodine.


It acts as a catalyst and slows down the aging process. And that’s not all. Protects the nervous system and prevents memory loss.

“Mineral salts, enzymes and enzymes obtained from the fermentation process, vitamin U, which is destroyed by boiling, turn this juice into a nutrient in the treatment of ulcers.

Sauerkraut is also a good probiotic, in this sense, lactic acid, which plays a protective role in food, helps. Cabbage acid contains so-called friendly bacteria that play a role in regulating the intestinal flora.

Sauerkraut is ideal for constipation

It contains a lot of fiber and therefore promotes intestinal transit. Regular consumption of cabbage juice can help normalize digestion, but also prevents constipation.

I advise patients who want to lose weight to consume cabbage and sauerkraut juice, because it stimulates fat burning and normalizes appetite, said Bălănică for

Be careful! People with kidney problems and hypertension should stop eating cauliflower. “Through the fermentation process, isothiocyanates play an important role in the elimination of carcinogens from the body, glucosinolates from sauerkraut help activate natural antioxidant enzymes, and flavonoids protect the walls of blood vessels from oxidative damage.

Also, people diagnosed with chronic kidney disease should avoid excessive consumption, as high sodium content exacerbates symptoms and may aggravate the condition.

Patients with thyroid disease should avoid including it in the menu, because cabbage juice can interfere with iodine secretion. In the cold season, when the body is prone to respiratory infections, I recommend treating with cabbage juice, as it is rich in vitamins and minerals that help the body vitaminize and strengthen the immune system. .

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