Wednesday , October 5 2022

The role of family and specialists in the fight against diabetes


Without specific symptoms for a long time, diabetes can be diagnosed relatively slowly. Even if there is some evidence that things are not good, the person and the family do not realize it as soon as possible. The diagnosis of a family member with diabetes is then considered a disaster. At the same time, for doctors and diabetes experts, taking up new cases is a routine. To deal with this conflict, both the patient and the family need support.

Diabetes is a chronic disability that develops many complications if it is not properly treated. The disease can occur at any age: children, young adults, over 40 years of age, future mothers with gestational diabetes. These differences also have a different impact on the way the perpetrators continue their lives. For most diets, glycemic testing, timely medication and proper insulin injection are part of the daily routine.

"Diabetes specialists are not only therapists, they also help with advice on adopting a lifestyle that will keep the illness under control. The person with type 2 diabetes just diagnosed introduces a strict follow-up program decided by Therapeutic education supported by his diabetes educator with information on nutrition, the importance of physical effort, glycemic monitoring, information and education about diabetes. the use of glucose monitoring devices and injection devices for therapy is essential.At the same time, all information received by the diabetes doctor about additional research, biological balance, cardiology, neurological, ophthalmic, a detailed examination of the foot, enters in the first examination of a newly diagnosed diabetic patient, "says Dr. Gabriela Ileana Creteanu, Director of the Department of Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases of the Emergency Hospital of the St. John of Neo Hospital in Suceava.

On the other hand, family and friends play an important role in creating and maintaining an appropriate lifestyle over time. Since establishing a healthy, healthy meal that does not rule out the person suffering from diabetes from the table until the establishment of physical activities can do together, there are many ways you can be with your loved ones.

For all concerned, diabetes experts from the St. John Neus Sueza Hospital Emergency Hospital, together with the Federation of Diabetes Associations in Romania, organize MONDAY, 12 November 2018, in the hospital room, free blood glucose test, along with risk assessment and expert advice on healthy eating or proper management of diabetes.

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