Monday , January 30 2023

The success of Samsung: The first smartphone with a flexible screen launched by another company


The revolution that Samsung has been trying for many years has been overtaken by another manufacturer. Royale launched the world's first versatile smartphone, a hybrid between a mobile phone and a tablet. With an ultra-slim and flexible screen that can be folded from zero to 180 degrees, the model has already entered the pre-release phase, the Ferrari press agency said.

"The FlexPai will completely change your perception of the traditional mobile phone and the need to have other mobile devices," said Royale spokesman.

According to Royole Corporation, founded by engineers who have studied at Stanford University, the flexible screen can be integrated into a variety of products and applications in all industries. "The Royole FlexPai fold-up phone offers users a revolutionary, versatile experience compared to regular phones. It perfectly solves the contradiction between high-resolution HD screens and portability, introducing a new dimension to human-machine interaction. the way people interact and perceive the world, "explained Dr. Bill Liu, founder of Royole Corporation.

When unfolding, the HD screen is 20 centimeters wide and fits into the pocket. If they are folded, there are three screens, named primary, secondary and edge, with the following proportions and image resolutions: 16: 9 / 810×1440, 18: 9 / 720×1440 and 21: 6 / 390×1440. Alerts and calls, emails, and SMS messages appear at the edge of the screen. The camera and two 20 and 16 megapixel cameras that can be used to shoot single-angle photographs, the manufacturer announced.

At the same time, when the phone is folded, calls can be retrieved from any part of the screen and images can be made the same, regardless of the screen side that points to the user.

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