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Unbelievable situation in the Timisoara theater. Peach Jr: "It was a seemingly insurmountable situation"


These are the basic life stories that happen to the people next to us, who are distributed as the main roles of a unique choice. One of these stories came true during the National Theater in Timisoara, Saturday 3 November 2018, on the occasion of the presentation of the "Brothers" performance in the National Comedy "Galatsi".

The professionals who are the artistic and technical team of the National Theater in Timişoara (TNTm) were the protagonists of an incredible event with almost magical purpose.

Most of the 300 spectators had their seats at Drama Theater "Fani Tardini" and waited for the show to begin. But the show had to be canceled, one of the actors could not climb the stage.

The event was preserved by the soulmate of the band

Within a few minutes, with the decision of the creator of the show, Florin Piersic Jr, the National Theater in Timisoara and the "Fani Tardini" Theater, the event was saved by the soul of the band, actress Judith Buzoianu. Together with the talented actor at the Timisoara National Theater, Florin Piresic Gi, by Matei Csiariou, one of the most beloved collaborators of the National Theater and the talented Marco Azitz, the soul rushed as an actor on the show "Brothers" Dave Williams.

It was an essential choice, since respect for the public is the most important principle of the National Theater in Timisoara. The choice of the creator of the show, who is also the interpreter of one of the top roles, Florin Piersic Jr, by the talented casting actors, along with the theater's technical team, was "the show must continue" with Judith in role of Wally Conley. And all this proves the courage, the commitment and, finally, the human and moral quality of the TNTm team.

The audience was excited

"It was a seemingly insurmountable situation." I had a moment in which I was convinced that the show could no longer play, given the circumstances that are all due to Judith Buzoianu, which actually saved the evening, the audience was very excited, "says Florin Piersic Jr.

For three hours, the three actors who are part of the original cast have changed the responses with the soul actor who has entered the character with the whole conviction that he is doing just what he needs. "On the Saturday night in Galati, a real professional lesson was held: the special human quality of the professional who loves the scene, the active soul soul, made the demonstration take place, and all the artistic and technical team, along with Florin "I am very proud of Judith Buzoianu and all the team members who continued with the mission with the new show." The National Theater in Timisoara consists of employees and associates, aged 13, struggling for each stage of his career, and it is now proved once again that the efforts of the National Theater in Timisoara to keep both workers and their associates give them both opportunities and equal rights because the passion for profession and professionalism are criteria c more important, "notes Ada Lupu Hausvater, Director of the National Theater in Timisoara.

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