Friday , March 31 2023

Volkswagen Tarok: a new idea pick-up news


At the Sao Paulo Motor Show, the German manufacturer has unveiled the Volkswagen Tarok concept. Taking all the wheels incorporates the new technologies of the Volkswagen Group.

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The Volkswagen Tarok concept has a total length of five meters and the loading area in the dump can be extended by folding the seats in the rear of the four-seater cabin.

The loading area can be extended even further if the vaginal door opens. The total load capacity is over 1,000 kg.

Klaus Bischoff, design director, tells us how Volkswagen has been able to incorporate the practical benefits of a modern lifestyle design. "Volkswagen Tarok was called upon to express a strong character. It's the first pick-up that combinesstylish elements of a modern SUV with genuine off-road car design. Tarok's DNA adds a dynamic packet to the pick-up segment."

Inside we can see the new digital elements of the brand. The colorful dashboard incorporates the new Digital Cockpit, which can be seen in other models of the brand.

This idea is promoted by a 1.4 TSI gasoline engine and develops power of 150 hp. An important aspect of this engine is that it can be fed with ethanol (E100), but also with petrol + ethanol (E22). The Volkswagen Tarok is powered by a six-speed automatic transmission and benefits from the permanent four-wheel drive system.

Volkswagen officials said they will soon be launching a series version of this model in Brazil and will be offered with small aesthetic changes. The series model could also use the diesel 2.0 TDI engine that develops 150 hp.

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