Saturday , April 1 2023

"We have not signed commercially paid contracts" Breaking news


ANI then found that President John, while he was mayor of Sibiu, signed a contract with SC Tipografia Honterul SRL, which was held by the German Democratic Forum, whose president was.

"The position of the President of the German Democratic Forum in Romania is an honorary function, I was not paid, we did not enter into commercial contracts, I did not benefit from it. I was not a member of the board of the printing press, "John told prosecutors, according to Antena 3.

The prosecutors decided the case after the conclusion that there was no evidence of the alleged offense notified by ANI.

We recall that on Tuesday 6 November the Romanian Constitutional Court decided that the amendments to the ANI law on prescribing the events over 3 years that define the conflict of interest or incompatibility are unconstitutional.

The law passed on July 10 by Parliament was attacked by the RAC on August 2 by President Klaus Iohannis. At that time, the Cotroceni leader showed that the amendment to the law establishes a legislative parallel because it contains two contradictory provisions as to when the National Integrity Agency (ANI) can assess the significant differences in wealth, the existence of conflicting interests or incompatibilities .

John also said that the provisions of the law violate the rule of law enshrined in the Constitution, directly affecting the work of preventing and imposing sanctions on unwarranted wealth, conflicts of interest or incompatibilities. At the same time, the President added that the new rule, according to which "acts are imposed within three years from the date of their assumption" is vague and precise, because it leads to the conclusion that the facts are provided when, in fact, he must explain that the prescribing of responsibility is targeted.

In this context, the Senate adopted on 10 July the initiative amending Law 176/2010 on the integrity of public administration, in the sense that it introduced instances of incompatibility and conflict of interest for officials and civil servants within three years of its commission. "Acts committed by persons in the exercise of public dignity or of a public mission defining the existence of a conflict of interests or a state of incompatibility shall be determined within three years from the date of their establishment."

The initiative belongs to the PSD deputy, Cătălin Rădulescu, convicted in 2016 in 1,5 years of imprisonment for bribery and financial operations as transactions incompatible with the operation.

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