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Автомобиль Lada XRAY Cross 3 ноября 2018 года пуснат в продажа в дилерские центры страны


At the LADA headquarters on 3 November 2018, the new XRY Cross models were launched. The car is priced from 729,900 to 888,900 rubbers in the main accessories – Classic, Comfort and Luxe, which are available in two packages. На пермом этапе купуваттелям предлагаются машины с двигатель 1,8 л мощностью 122 л.с. and Mechanical Engineering.

Price car Lada XRAY Cross

In honor of LADA XRAY, the cross-version models in the initial sets are 100 square meters in size, but when it comes to the designer's distinctive design. Tak, LADA XRAY Cross has a bowl of 215 mm, ie 20 mm thicker than that.

In the case of a wheelbase, the dimensions and the wheels of the wheel and the rear wheels are changed. Среди других отличий: пластиковый обвес, рейлинги и более просторный и трансфорруемый салон. This means that the car is equipped with a steering wheel, an adjustable steering wheel is installed, which is designed to be fitted with a booming undercarriage.

Кроме этого, у будущих владельцев LADA XRAY Cross showcases the possibilities of the sport movements (Sport, Off-Road, walking, snow and snow) thanks to the special selector LADA Ride Select on panels.

Test Drives Lada XRAY Cross

All the Lada XRAY Cross cars, the Lada XRAY Cross, will be the premier journalist for the press, which has been in Kazakhstan.

Guards roul

Pro подвеску

Энергоемкость почти запредельная: на проложенной в стапи весьма условной дороге XRAY Cross allow the speed to be around by spodometry and does not match gas perred весьма серьезными ухабами.

Driving license

  1. Super brush new. Весомое действие вызывается дори незначительным deviation rula. Руль очень четкий и острый.
  2. Manageability Lada XRAY Cross can be seen in the Lada Vesta Cross.

Про шуоизоляцию

Колесные арки have received new sound-proofing sounds. All-round noise reduction of urovne недорогой машины.

Pro Lada Ride Select

  1. "Pesoque" mode – on the job is obviously just thinking about just turning on the ESC. Автомобиль более уверено се тренира в песчаную горку.
  2. "Snow, Grass" mode – a machine sickly confidently choked with places.
  3. "Sport" mode – Excessively aggravates the reaction of the pedal gas, and under the gas leak, the engine does not accelerate the speed of the engine, allowing the upgrading of the after-sales cycle.
  4. The Lada Ride Select system is actually working efficiently.

Technical characteristics of the car Lada XRAY Cross

Про двигатель

  1. The knob supplied 1,8-liter engine. Новые калибровки удачные. Двигатель хорошо тянет снизу, не захлебывается, не дергается.
  2. Race on trace 10 l / 100 km, in the countryside 16 l / 100 km.


Do not brag the sixth pranksters.

Pro подвеску

  1. Excellent balance of energy, comfort and stability.
  2. On gruttovke edet miagko, ruliteth excellent.

Driving license

The column of the column has been fixed, it is almost equal to the upward / downward movement of about 1 cm.

Pro эргономику

  1. Lops Rush Sidney and Lobby Stack set up the Lada Ride Select. Пользоваться кнопками uncomfortable, bc. приходится тенуться через рычаг КПП.
  2. Lentils under the sydenium include without a toad, which is not natural.

Про шуоизоляцию

At non-speeds and in the muffler, you can take a ride, and then the jump, the jammer, which depends on the engine.

Pro Lada Ride Select

On a smooth basis, the ESC mode (not the "Snow" or "Pesock" mode) is used, which means that everybody can admit to a wheelbase.

Impressions from the Lada XRAY Cross

Driving license

  1. "Barranca" has become a clue how to comfort.
  2. The propulsion reaction of a ruler, a ride of the wheel, a wheelchair falling on the neofficiency, in a yamku, асфальтовую выбоину. Электрогидроусилитель, на медленный насос создавал давление рабочай жидкости с опроданием, which changed to хорошо настроенный электроусилитель.

Про шуоизоляцию

The 1,8-liter agregate was launched at a public rate of 3000 rpm, and the 5000 rpm of polar acoustic discomfort occurred.

Driving license

With the rush coming in, it was a night, and it was time for it to be rampant. Your movement loves shaping in the face of the reverse, and the machine itself confidently derives itself directly.

Pro подвеску

Мы разгонялись до 80-100 км / ч и не сбрасывали газ перед серьезными ямами и ухабами. And Xray stears! Engineer АвтоВАЗа удалось сделать просто бронебойную подвеску.

Про шуоизоляцию

Нельзя сказать, что в салона царят граббовая тишина, но и голова раскалываться от посторонних звуков у вас не будет. Sound insulation new Lada has a competitive advantage. He does not hurt and does not play.

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