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15 products a week from AliExpress. The most popular iPhone case with camera shutter


Sales are over, prices have stabilized and there are autumn and winter holidays ahead. Everyone remembers everything you need to buy before November?

Again, the best prices for home, gadgets and real things for yourself in the room.

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1. HAOFATE Silicone iPhone Bag

This work broke all records by collecting 50 thousand orders and many positive reviews in a few months.

Why not? Pleasant to the touch, delicate with a tight buffer against shocks and excellent colors. As a bonus, there is a reliable shot that protects the cameras.

Price: From 150 From 110 rubles.

A set of 3 smart chips will cost a ridiculous amount, allowing you to automate the work of more than one home appliance.

Devices can remotely turn devices on and off, monitor current consumption, and shut down immediately in the event of an overload.

Price: 905 872 rubles with promo code VKExpress100

The flagship of the company producing the famous Mi Band for 2018-2019 is already available at the mentioned bracelet price.

The best way to get acquainted with a smart watch or get a good sports activity tracker: good accuracy and many tracking modes are complemented by a good screen and decent battery life.

Price: 6800 4304 rubles with promo code WOWHIT600

Another useful smart home component is available at a great discount on AliExpress: Keys from the partner brand Xiaomi, which is compatible with Mi Home and HomeKit.

Turns closed fixtures into “smart” ones by mounting them on the wall. Changes are available for buttons 1, 2 and 3.

Price: 690 416 rubles with promo code GOFORSALE150

Not a bad copy of MagSafe. There is no Apple certification, but fifteen hundred orders and fifty positive reviews indicate that the accessory is fully functional.

The “Chinese” works not only as a magnetic wireless charger for iPhone 12 and 13, but also as a regular Qi charger for other smartphones.

Price: 1790 1159 RUB coupon with CNNT1001

6. Box for iPhone with Squid Game

Another pretty penny fight, this time in the style of a very popular Korean series.

There are the most positive reviews and the most original design among several dozen thematic topics. Available for both old and newer models.

Price: 257 141 r

Equipped with its own GPS / GLONASS module and display, it is a powerful tool for recording the status of the surrounding vehicle.

The kit includes a smartphone with a rear view camera and Wi-Fi (and a key module wire) as the main camera connected to the “cloud”.

Price: 5300 4093 rubles with promo code SHKOLA1500

An interesting option for a “home-made product” at home: the set includes a level that is minimal enough in a simple device and a good foresight.

It is inconvenient to straighten the walls in this way, but it is enough to hang a shelf, make a slope or take the simplest dimensions. And the price is great.

Price: 3250 2650 rubles with promo code GOFORSALE600

The latest modification of the popular heated vest, this time equipped with a hood.

Available in 2 versions: one has a single heating zone behind it, the other already has 2. It works with an external battery and is not afraid of washing.

Price: 5417 4388 rub

The wireless camcorder is equipped with a 360-degree wide-angle camera, speaker and microphone.

As a result, developers have introduced motion logs, baby monitors and duplex call functions. The camera even knows how to greet a visitor.

Price: 1831 1091 RUB coupon with TDCP3C10

11. Realme wireless headphones

Currently the most affordable and balanced Chinese active noise canceling headphones. I use it for 3 months, the flight is normal.

Sounds good, noise reduction works properly, has a working transparency mode. There is only one drawback – you can not change the ANC mode without an application.

Price: 6497 2651 RUB PUMPKIN200 with promo code

A classic modification of the bag for Apple tablets made of artificial leather. Modifications are available for all existing Pro models.

There is a pocket for cards abroad. It has a set that allows you to make the necessary documents, notes and something useful.

Price: 996 817 rubles

A range of tips for first and second generation Apple pens with full support for the features you need.

Includes 6 tips that vary in hardness and diameter. There is a suitable job for every job.

Price: 1492 1118 rub

14. Baseus car charger

The latest adapter from the car connector from 12V to a USB-A and USB-C, one of which is 100 watts, capable of charging even laptops.

Several others are estimated to output 30 watts at the same time as the above. Enough for everything, just pay attention to the condition of the cables.

Price: 2664 1981 RUB coupon with RU160WQC

15. Wireless Joystick GameSir

A compact game manager that can connect to Apple smartphones and tablets, Android devices, laptops and desktops.

It has impressive autonomy, well-thought-out ergonomics and excellent quality.

Price: 2018 rub. With promo code PUMPKIN200

Don’t forget to use our promo code for new buyers from Russia and CIS countries:

iphonesru500sept – 500 rubles discount for purchases from 1000 rubles.

Valid from September 2 to October 31 or until the end of the activation number.

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