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Anastasia Voltsova responded to charges for a dog's beating


13:53, 11/14/2018

Ballerina refuses to kick an unprotected animal.

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Last weekend, another scandal broke out with the participation of Anastasia Volokova. It all started with the "New Russian Sensations" program, which showed how a 42-year-old ballerina overcame her political husband and daughter from her disabled father's apartment while at the same time she kicked a female dog. "Remove these dogs, these dogs, which you have better than my father," shouts the celebrity. This episode was widespread on the Internet and caused a turmoil of indignation. Among the outraged were the actor Nastasya Samburskaya. The scandal star publicly offends Bolzkova and advised her to "kick the head."

Three days after the release, Anastasia decided to justify herself. Literally two hours ago, the ballerina published several video messages on her Instagram blog. In the frame, a celebrity stands with a teddy bear in her hands and states that she did not touch a defenseless animal.

"Do not confuse things, call it a shovel, no dog has defeated, if that happens, you will see everything with your eyes." The dog was more afraid of the time and screaming screaming from the hostess. everything to save my father. "In the second series of the program, which will be released on Sunday, you will see the demonstration organized by these people, so it is not necessary to divert the matter from the principal," Volochkova said.

Anastasia Voltsova responded to charges for a dog's beating

Remember that the health problems of Father Anastasia Volochkova began in 2008. Then the man suffered a stroke. Yury Volochkov lost the opportunity to talk and stay forever chained in a wheelchair. Since then, the famous ballerina helps him in every way. At the end of October, Volksova sent Yuri Fedorovic to a valid hostel for the elderly. While the ballerina's father gained power in a doctor's office, he secured repairs to his apartment in St. Petersburg. Before going to work, Anastasia surpassed the apartment the political wife of her father and daughter. As the ballerina explained, they did not see the casing and made the new apartment uninhabited.

Anastasia Volochkova with her father

Anastasia Volskova is regularly criticized. In addition, her 13-year-old daughter Balladina Ariadne is beating. In an exclusive video interview, "Around TV," the star said he taught the heir to fight back from their haters. Balarina admitted that she informed Ariadne not to respond to attacks and ignore the critical remarks.

"I told her:" When they say something bad to you, you just do not answer them, please. Just understand one thing: you are the daughter of a famous person who has gone in his own way and has become a person. "And yet, I did not say anything more. When negative comments began to appear, he began to defend me. , originally my mother became! Let us alone. "I told her:" Arisha, you are such a good man. Quit the comments and hear no one, "he shared the celebrity.

Visit of Anastasia Volochoko Exclusive Video Interview ON TV

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