Sunday , September 25 2022

Doctors forced Anita Tsoi to quit sex: Show Business: VladTime


The singer had gallbladder surgery a few weeks ago.

Recently, Anita Tsoi was supposed to be hospitalized with suspicion of cholecystitis. The singer felt intense pain in the lumbar region during a performance in Krasnodar. The actor needed a business, so Anita Tsoi's concerts were canceled and postponed for other dates. Now the singer feels much better, but the singer has to follow some recommendations from doctors who are very upset by her.

Anita Tsoi shared the details of her restoration with her followers. The artist noted that her welfare has improved, so she is actively preparing to resume the tour. The singer complained that because of the surgery she had to temporarily forget some types of activity. In addition, the women worked singing doctors were forced to give up even the strait, which disrupted Anita more. The actor ironically talks about her health problems, saying that without bile, it will be difficult for her to survive in the world of show business.

Miroslava Donkovova


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