Friday , September 30 2022

Federer shared his view of the triangle whistle addressed to Zevrev – Gazeta.Ru


Swiss tennis player Roger Federer shared his opinion about the whistling of the seats in the direction of German athlete Alexander Zverev in the match of the final ATP tournament, "Soviet Sports".

In the semi-final match, where Zverev won, an unpleasant incident happened. The Trivantes were surprised by a German athlete because Zverev asked to stop the fight because he saw a ball fight on the Swiss side he threw the ball on the court.


"I understand his disappointment, just unfortunate circumstances. I do not approve a whistle. In other sports, this happens all the time, but tennis is rare. It is regrettable that Zvev left, did not deserve it.

He apologized to me. I told him: "You should not do this, congratulations on a great game." He thought the incident had affected the course of the game. There is a rule: if that is the case, you have to repeat the point ", – says Federer Reuters.

Earlier tennis player Zverev commented on his victory in the semifinals of the final ATP tournament.

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