Friday , September 30 2022

In Murmansk, an employee of a floating dock who was injured in an emergency died


The worker on the floating dock PD-50, sunk on the night of October 30 in the waters of the Gulf of Kola, died with resuscitation. He was in a medical facility from an emergency. He reports on TASS with reference to the government of the region.

A man who enrolled in an intensive care unit with many injuries and hypothermia. Last week he came to his feelings. The patient's condition improved and began to take him to independent breathing from a ventilator.

However, progress has been temporary. The man died today, November 18th, after a sharp deterioration. The second victim who was cured at the hospital was released this week.

Remember that the floating dock sank in Murmansk on its 82nd shipbuilding when it left the only Russian aircraft carrying the flagship Admiral Kuznetsov. The incident happened on the night of October 30 at 3.30. Four people were injured, two of whom were hospitalized. Another employee, a replacement engineer, was missing. His quests are rescuers.

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