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The head of the Federal Security Agency, Alexander Borintov, reprimands the leadership of the telegraph telegraph to double standards. According to the head of the department, the messenger opposes the invasion of private mail by his users, however, he deals independently with cleaning messages, reports Interfax report.

Bortnikov stressed that access to users' mail is necessary for his service, for the sake of "protection of society and the state", that is, the commitment of terrorists. "We see that everything that happens in closed chat rooms and broadcast on terrorist communication channels does not always fall and become the property of special services, considering the encryption used actively by these structures," Bornikov said.

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16:43April 17th

However, the question of help to the special services does not find understanding among the telegraph owners, he added. "But the company said," We can not violate the privacy rights of citizens, even if we clean up this information area, "the head of the FSB said.

On the eve of November 7, Bortnikov said it was necessary to create a cryptographic encryption storage system that allows users to read mail to instant messengers. "At the same time, the rights and freedoms of law enforcement citizens to maintain confidentiality must be fully respected," the FSB director assured.

Telegraph owner Pavel Durov has repeatedly stated that the cryptographic key requirement violates the rights guaranteed to citizens by the constitution. His messenger is blocked in Russia because of his refusal to submit to the FSB.

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