Tuesday , October 4 2022

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The alleged murderer of a woman and a 12-year-old in Moscow admitted guilty of the crime. The video of his questioning on Friday November 9 was published on the YouTube channel of the examining board.

Responding to the question of whether he was repenting his act, the prisoner replied that he had "gone badly" with the boy. The man agreed to cooperate with the survey and answer all the questions in detail. About the identity of the suspect in the murder is still very little known: his name is Dmitry, lives in the Moscow area, we have previously condemned serious crimes.

The investigation intends to go to court with Dmitri's request for arrest, will also be given a comprehensive forensic psychological and psychiatric examination.

Earlier it was reported that the woman's boyfriend was detained, but after the interrogation, she was released. According to telegram-channel 112, man has a lair, which "does not question the research".

The mother and the teenager were found murdered in an apartment in a house on Sofia Kovalevskaya Street on the evening of November 7th. Both have recorded multiple wounds with a knife, more than ten each, the boy's head is wrapped in an adhesive tape. According to the source "Lenti.ru", the body was found by grandmother and appealed to law enforcement agencies, a criminal case opened for the killing of two or more people.


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