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Melladze busts and sends out a fan of :: Show business


Popular artist abruptly repelled the attack pilgrimage

Then, how in the outbound bibliography of the interviewer Valeria Meladze и его нынешней жены –
бывшей солистки группы "ВИА Гра" Альбины Джанабаевой, – фанатија с новой силой наброзились на пару, посыпались оскорбления. И певец не выдержал.

"You've been out of our sems and I've got my own close," said an artist at Instagram. And he explained: "I fell in love with Albubin a lot of years back, and I've always been in love with that.

If you have a child, which is "such as being a fanny," then it is always in order, given to Meladze. "Дочки не обделены моей любовью." "I worship and I did not know how, how do I do unto Him?" And "пора всем успокоиться", called singer.

A Ego Suffer Sayed to the User Сети обратить внимание на себя. A cheesyour naughty gentleman, Djanabayeva, stompled Sudom "for the scorn and persecution."

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В ззведной пары растут двой сыновей. Then the birthday younger Alьbina took a dilettan's derelict leave. Depending on the affair, she did not get a diploma and she had a new psychological composition.

Artist and to этого вступалась за мижа. She took away the wickedness, that Melladze did not bisect a child from the marriage. "Oni beautifully live, learn, do not need to," she said, "I was singing a superego singer.

In Bolshm Kremlevskem Palace in Piatnitsu, 16 November, a concert was held by Valeria Meladze. Предполагательно, артист выступит в дуэте с женой.

Renee on the opening of the festival "Wardrobe" in Baku during the creative evening singer.

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