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MMA fighter Alexander Romanov refused to train with Conor and reminds Habiba


Alexander Romanov’s MMA career began only five years ago, but this time the Moldovan fighter was more adventurous than many. He started his heavyweight career in a local promotion for Eagles FC – the organization has nothing to do with Khabib Nurmagomedov’s brain, but Romanov has a lot in common with the former UFC champion. He is a master of sports in freestyle wrestling, has repeatedly taken the podium at the World and European Grappling Championships – in general, very cool on earth. So far, the percentage of drownings from all delays is higher than from Habiba: 57.9% against 60%.

Nurmahammadov could play in Ukraine, but chose Russia. Romanov grew up in Moldova and represents the country, but is proud of his origins. “My father is Russian and my mother is Ukrainian. His father’s roots come from Veliky Novgorod. They even had relatives in the royal palace, “said the soldier.

Alexander Romanov

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However, at the Plotforma S-70 tournament in Sochi, Romanov was presented as a fighter from Russia. “The competition has this feature – the Russian team is against the world team. At the post-tournament banquet, I was mentioned as a Russian fighter, but I said I was Russian, but I’m not Russian. It doesn’t matter, but I’m not a jumper,” he said. .

In Sochi, he won over Putin and received praise. Maybe then came the news of a change of citizenship – after one of the fights I had to explain: “There are rumors that I will play in Russia or elsewhere. Don’t listen to them. I was born under a tricolor. “

Romanov can be called the heaviest Habib. Indeed, in the second fight in the UFC, the Brazilian Marcos Rogerio de Limon justified himself by strangling his opponent with the back of his arm, finishing with a rare move. Alexander was the first to win in this way in UFC history, but this is the third time in his career.

Despite high-level wrestling, Habib’s team never invited Romanov to a training camp. But he could go to Conor – he met the Moldovan freestyle wrestler, Irish wrestling coach Sergei Pikulsky. According to Alexander, Pikulsky invited him to the Notorius salon, but he weighed very little and therefore has few sparring partners. “I thought there was no point in just going and taking pictures. To fight, you have to learn from someone, to pair with someone, to go to the gym to fight,” he said.

At first glance, Alexander can hardly be called a warrior – his ears are not so different from the ears of a footballer. The impression is deceptive: there were fractures, but in time he removed the fluid. “The main thing is not to let it thicken and harden. Many people think broken ears are cool, but I didn’t like them at all. I always tried to remove them on time. The only thing on the right is that they broke a little. I couldn’t remove them on time. They are very soft by nature, ”Romanov said proudly.

However, the celebration of the victories immediately betrayed a fighter in Romanov. He grabs a heavyweight coach and throws him from body to canvas – it’s amazing how miniature Eduard Kyosya can cope with the pressure of a great athlete.

Romanov won 14 battles and only one of them was not completed. The fight between the judges is Romanov and Juan Espino. The fight still lasted less than 15 minutes, but ended at the beginning of the third round, when he defeated the Spaniard Alexandra in the groin area. The warrior was lying on the canvas, unable to straighten his legs, and worried that Espino would say goodbye to the precious zero due to his untidy technique.

“If I’m not ready to continue, will they defeat me? What if I can’t continue?” The fighter became a member of the commission in a second.

According to UFC rules, fighting in such a situation is considered invalid, but not in a specific case. The duel between Romanov and Espino was more than half, that is, points should be counted. Moldova defeated the King Kong by a split decision – in the first round, two of the three referees gave the victory to Alexander, took the second five minutes unanimously, and the third round (start) remained in Espino.

The Spaniards and fans accused Romanov of simulating and likening him to Aljamein Sterling. Such metaphors are unlikely to be true: Romanov felt the effects of the blow for another month and a half. Alexander promises: If the UFC holds a return match, it will be a total defeat for Espino. The point is that the judge in the fight is not Mark Smith, who has become synonymous with downsizing. The same referee served the fight between Ian and Sterling when the Russian champion was disqualified for an illegal knee injury and lost.

Alexander Romanov, Mark Smith, Juan Espino

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Romanov’s next opponent is Jared Wandera. The Moldovan fighter is a clear favorite to fight the American. Everything is logical: Vanderaa has already lost five times in his career, and the last time with Romanov’s compatriot and regular training partner Sergei Spivak. Apparently, Jared’s fate is a predetermined outcome, and King Kong has every chance of falling into the top 15 of the already stagnant heavyweight after his fourth consecutive victory.

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