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Rospotrebnadzor: Influenza epidemic in Bassaria expected in February-March 2019 // SOCIETY


UFA, November 7, 2018. / IA Bashinform, Azat Gizzatullin /.

An epidemic of flu and ARVI of moderate intensity and mixed etiology is expected the following winter in Baskaria. According to the data of the beginning of November, 4,536 people were ill at Ufa ORVI, including 2,330 children. The incidence rate is below the epidemic threshold of 26.1%. At the same time, the peak of the spread of viral infection is expected in February-March 2019, said Galina Permina, deputy head of the Rospotrebnadzor administration in Baskhadia, during a business meeting at the Ufa Town Hall.

According to doctors' forecasts, the spread of three influenza viruses is expected in the Republic: A1 "Michigan", A2 "Singapore" and "Colorado". They have already been observed in Bashkortostan in previous years and should not be a big risk. However, systematic preventive work is required.

The Deputy Chief Medical Officer called for a flu vaccine to protect your body from serious complications. At the same time, in the total number of cases, the number of vaccinates was about 2%, which is a clear confirmation of the benefits of vaccination.

"However, it has to be said that among these 2% there have been frequent vaccinations. One person should be vaccinated in a full-bodied condition so that the body is ready to develop immunity and cope with the infection," said Gina Permina.

Traditionally, at the expense of the federal budget, children attending kindergartens, students, educational and medical staff, military students and teenagers, citizens over 60, and others are being vaccinated. According to the deputy head of Rospotrebnadzor, at least 45% of the population should be vaccinated to eliminate the influenza epidemic.

"In order to reach regulated levels (45%), 66,544 people must be vaccinated in addition to Ufa. In 2017, only 502,910 people – 44.8% of the city's population, of which 62,710 were at the expense of additional funds – were vaccinated. given to the nature of their activities, have extensive contact with the public and therefore there is an increased risk of infection, and their immunization against influenza should reach at least 75% of the workforce, "he said. Gina ermine.

The Deputy Health Care Director in Bashkorty paid particular attention to the problems of some parents' refusal to vaccinate children.

"A recent outbreak of measles and poliomyelitis in neighboring countries confirms the importance of vaccination.In Russia, the epidemic of these diseases has been avoided, only because of vaccination, its effectiveness has been proven for a long time, so I believe that the debate on the harmfulness of a vaccine destroys, "said Gina Permina.

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