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The network denounced the newest Ford Bronco


Ford announced the new Bronco in March this year with a teaser in which the new generation SUV is in profile under a dirty curtain. It then became known that Ford's lineup will also feature a Bronco style crossover, which has not yet been officially named, so Bronco Jr. is called on the web. Premiere of Bronco Sr. is expected early next year at Detroit Auto Show – we've already figured out our version of the upcoming news. It is expected that the car will enter the global market in 2020 and its off-road properties can outperform Jeep Wrangler, Mercedes-Benz G-Class and Suzuki Jimny. The official technical information for the new Bronco is not available, but if you think it's rumored, it will be a car frame with continuous bridges and a unique 7-speed manual gearbox (but also the "automatic").

New Ford Bronco, make

New Ford Bronco, make

The date of the premiere of the Bronco Junior was not known, but obviously it is not far off. Yesterday, the Canadian version of published the images that her reporters allegedly found on Ford's official website and were taken during a delegation conference in Las Vegas. They present an SUV that the Canadians confuse the new Bronco, but the most experienced colleagues from other publications have noticed that the three-quarter picture almost coincides with the Bronco junior teaser, the crossover rather than the SUV. The profile photo also suggests that we have a newer model, as in the Bronco Sr. teaser, it can be seen that the SUV has slightly different proportions and a more vertically positioned windscreen.

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The official teaser for the Ford crossover in the new Bronco style.

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The official teaser for the SUV of the new generation Ford Bronco.

Nor is it exempt from the fact that Ford itself is the author of this material – for a short time the photos from the presentation wait until they get them, delete them and now enjoy the PR phenomenon, because all motorists wrote about Bronco Jr. Media and fueled interest in the new product. Another, earlier show, is that the Ford Focus is based on the Bronco Junior, that is, the Bronco Junior will become a more brutal relative of the new generation of Kuga, but it is impossible to knead the dirt on it, of course. higher. Nevertheless, buyers should be attracted to the youngest off-road aesthetic model of the older brother, good, judging by images, geometric cross and fairly spacious interior.

Ford crossover photos in Bronco style with dealerships in Las Vegas.

Ford crossover photos in Bronco style with dealerships in Las Vegas.

Presentation snapshots may have a conceptual version of the Bronco Junior, which debuted shortly before the production release (it is likely that at the Detroit Auto Show) – this is indicated by "toothed" tires, which are unlikely to be on a road car. and red towing brackets on the front bumper. But we can not exclude that this is just the most extreme performance of the serial model – a kind of analogue of the Trailhawk versions of the Jeep models. In any case, the car proved to be interesting, we will wait for its official premiere and the start of deliveries to Russia.

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