Friday , September 30 2022

The network showed a conceptual image of Saab's roadster


Domestic independent designers have shown how Saab could look like a roadster if he did not leave General Motors. The development of renderers dealing with representatives of the web portal.

Conceptual images make it clear that such a model would be a good find for a Swedish brand and fit perfectly into the Saab range of models. According to designers, developers could choose the CLAR platform on which the BMW Z4 is manufactured, for example. The design of the car can be distinguished feature for this body windshield, wide optical head and a semicircle silver mask.

As for the back, there is a similarity between virtual roadster and Saab's most recent models. Alloy wheels in the form of aircraft engine blades complement the image of the "luxury" car, giving it more personality.

The technical part, according to the draftsman of the idea, could borrow from BMW's roadster, which would make Saab a new development of their first rear-wheel drive with a powerful 6-cylinder engine.

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