Monday , May 29 2023

"The problem in the relationship between Carrera and Glushakov was for three or four months"


Former Spartak coach Raul Rijs explained that the conflict was developing between former coach Massimo Carrera and captain Denis Glushakov.

"The advice I gave to Carrera in this situation was simple: the dirty laundry would have to stay at home." Yes, there is a problem, but it can be solved. Just do not take everything out. Otherwise, this spark will cause many problems. Prior to major races in Vienna with Rapid and CSKA Moscow, the scandal – well, not at all necessary in this situation! I said, let's decide everything like a family. Call Eshchenko and Glushakov in your room and talk to them. But he decided differently.

– But the problem was clear that he does not like it. One can not want to destroy the whole team.

– Of course, you do not like it. The problem of the relationship existed for three or four months, but it was hidden under the carpet. We lived with him. And so I always say – you have to behave like a family. And if there is a problem, solve it in the family and not accumulate dissatisfaction, do not expect this spark. Massimo said he made the decision. He did not want to talk about this with Glushakov. The interests of the group remained in the background. Instead of putting the fire in water, we put petrol on it. And the fire broke out.

– Did the team go to ask Glushakov?

– Why did Dennis ask twice? I asked it personally. Massimo explained the position. But he insisted. A team of experienced players stood up for him. Rebrov, Bocchetti, others … Everyone understood that the removal of a leader could not go without a trace. And Glusakov was the leader of the team. In the summer of the election of the captain received 15 votes. This is too much. At least 15 people may be wondering. And it was necessary to hear the opinion of these 15.

Recall Riancho was appointed acting head coach of red and white after the resignation of Massimo Carrera.

On November 12, the 58-year-old Spanish coach left Spartacus. Oleg Kononov, former adviser to Tula Arsenal, became head coach of the club.

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