Thursday , June 8 2023

Tulyaki discovered blood sugar levels – Tula news and the area


Today, Tula patients can measure their blood sugar levels and get advice from an endocrinologist. This event is dedicated to Day of the fight against diabetes. It has been held in the area every year since 1997. So, using a portable analyzer and test strips, doctors determine the blood glucose level. The general rate of glycemia in adults is up to 6 mmol per liter. Increasing blood glucose indicates a problem. And, perhaps, is diabetes. Participants can discover their weight, body mass index, and ask questions and advice from an endocrinologist. Each year, such events cover up to 300 residents.

Two-thirds of people go with an undetected disease. Diabetes up to 20 years old can be hidden. You can already find it in the presence of serious vascular complications, – noted Tula Svetlana Prilepa, lead endocrinologist.

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic illness that develops as a result of pancreatic hormone insulin deficiency. The first worrying symptoms that many confuse with fatigue and overwork are dry mouth, thirst, excessive sweating, high blood pressure. Hereditary predisposition can lead to diabetes, but more often, poor nutrition, lack of exercise and overweight.

This year, another proactive company dates back to action: those who wanted were vaccinated for influenza. After all, diabetics are a susceptible group that is susceptible to infections. But, according to doctors, this disease is not a suggestion. With proper diet and lifestyle, you can remove all the symptoms of diabetes, prevent progress of vascular complications and live to a mature age.

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