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Yuzuru Hania gym – for winning and injuring the Grand Prix scene in Moscow


Yuzuru Chania

Michael Tselina
Michael Tselina

Photo: RIA News

"The doctor said it was better not to drive to Moscow. It hurts me now

However, the best skater of the planet does not obey his doctor and leaves Russia in crutches.

Favorite Grand Prix in Moscow for skating men Yuzuru Chania in the free program did not perform well. He decided to simplify his program, but even so he could not roll it, as it was usually clean. The reason for this is insignificant – in education, Hania was injured.

The doctors warned Yuzuru that it is best to avoid performing in a free program, but the champion does not obey and finish the performance in Moscow. Even with the fall, he won the first place with a great margin and thanked the Russians and the Japanese fans.

Rich record. Who is the real hero of the Grand Prix stadium in Moscow?

Alina Zagitova broke two records one evening, Alexei Mishen kissed her death, and the only Yuzzor Chania shadowed everyone.

But at the press conference, Hania came with a crutch – he did not step in pain.

– Yuzuru, how would you rate your performance?
– In Russia, I wanted to show a perfect free program. It is regrettable that I did not. But I tried to do everything in my power, even in the present situation. Of course, I did not do the way I wanted to. But overall I'm happy with the performance.

– What do you have with your foot?
– Even during the official training, I put my foot, so I could not show good skating on free skating. The injury is not as serious as last year, but the pain does not go away. That really hurts me now. The wound made me change the program, but in this form I could not perform it as predicted. I would like to get better.

– Was there a risk that you could not run on a free program?
– Yes, I thought I would leave the contests in Moscow. I, in fact, have a serious injury – we are talking about ankle injury link. I repeat, it is slightly lighter than last year, but all is serious enough – now my ankle is swollen. I did not know if I had to go to ice today. But in the end he made his choice – to lead here. I really respect Russia, Russian choreography plays an important role for me.

When I was injured, my doctor said that in Moscow it is preferable not to push – there is a risk that the injury will worsen. But I chose to talk here.

– Affected by the impact of last year's damage?
– The ice skate is a very difficult thing. Even if you managed to cure the injury, it does not mean you will be able to drive in the same way as before. After improving my situation, I will have to re-examine my skate again.

– Is it a pity to get injured when the season is accelerating and you are in this form?
– It is a shame that happened. If I had done something wrong. But generally, I have a weak ankle, so all training and jumping is a big load for her.

– When and how did you decide to change an arbitrary program?
– In training, I went to the first jump. Immediately after that, during the training, I began to think about how I could change the program. Kata and he thought how to do it a new way.

– What are your plans for the near future? Can you play in the Grand Prix Final?
– I'm not sure yet. The same can be said about the Japanese championship.

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