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12 natural way to get rid of "muscle tension"


Muscle tension is caused by a sudden and involuntary contraction of one of the body muscles, resulting in intense pain as well as temporary inability to use this affected muscle.

This contraction is a result of heavy exercise, such as weight training without training or in the wrong way, and may be due to back pain and during pregnancy.

Some people resort to the use of effective analgesics in the case of muscular strain, but others use natural ways to get rid of this condition.

Here are 12 natural ways to deal with muscle strain, based on scientific studies conducted on this subject:

1. Cherry:

Fruit cherry is very rich in antioxidants and inflammation, has been scientifically proven to reduce muscle pain and reduce muscle damage and inflammation resulting from exercise violently.


Recent studies have shown that when you eat a dietary supplement, you can improve your ability to exercise and help your muscles relax after exercise.

3. Proteins:

Taking proteins in appropriate amounts after exercise helps the muscles relax, reduce the inflammation and muscle strain resulting from exercise.

A study of 16 carbohydrate-receptor antagonists found that they felt less muscular pain 72 hours after the start of the marathon compared to those who ate only carbohydrates.


It is a very important ingredient for all the vital functions of the body. Magnesium is one of the most important muscle relaxants, as inflammation is significantly reduced.

Magnesium can be taken as a dietary supplement, but high doses can cause gastrointestinal and gastrointestinal cramps.


Curcumin is a substance found in turmeric, cinnamon and ginger, considered to be one of the most antioxidant and inflammatory substances.

Consuming curcumin is a nutritional supplement, or combines curcumin-containing spice in a single drink, helps relax and relieve muscle tension, but breastfeeding women and pregnant women should avoid drinking large amounts of them.

6 – pomegranate juice:

Pomegranate contains large amounts of antioxidant polyphenols, which are found in pomegranate juice higher than those found in green tea three times.

A study of the sick found that pomegranate juice helps the muscles recover quickly.

7 – sneeze flowers:

Arnica is a plant that grows mainly in Siberia and Central Europe. Flowers, roots and leaves are used in medical fields, in addition to its many uses in the food industry and certain cosmetics and hair products.

Sneezing is used in massage creams and oils to reduce bruising as well as local healing for muscle relaxation.


Chili pepper contains an active substance called pure capsicin, a colorless and odorless substance that gives the hot peppers its hot taste.

The natural capsicin extracted from chilli is effective in relieving the pain of fibrosis and muscle inflammation. This compound is available in pharmacies in the form of topical cream or aerosols.

9 – Cannabidiol oil:

It is a vegetable oil found in the cannabis plant, used by some people to treat chronic pain, including muscle pain, because it helps in relaxing the muscles.

The cannabis plant also contains two compounds that act as anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving agents, namely delta-limonin, also found in citrus and β-merins, found in basil and lemon.

10-mint oil:

It is a traditional treatment for muscle pain. Researchers confirm that mint as a drink, as well as local peppermint oil, have an effective effect on the treatment of sprains because they relieve pain and help relax the muscles.

But mint oil is not suitable for some people, including those with problems affecting the bile duct, liver or gall bladder.

11 – Lemon

Some people use lemon oil to treat pain and arthritis in the joints, where research suggests that lemon is effective in treating inflammation and neuropathic pain.

12. Massage:

Deep tissue massage by a specialized massage therapist is a great way to relieve tense muscles.

The massage should be stable but not painful. If the patient has muscle spasms, you should consult a physiotherapist to determine the underlying problem.

Doctors advise the patient to visit the nearest doctor when muscle pain is uncomfortable and unlikely, especially if the patient suffers from sudden and severe pain.

It is best to see an expert before you experience any of the muscle pain treatments to see possible side effects.

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