Saturday , August 13 2022

Al-Riyadh newspaper "Health Riyadh" identifies 4 centers for the treatment of hepatitis C cases.


Riyadh reported the preparation of 9 specialized counseling centers to serve the local population in the framework of the Ministry of Health initiatives to develop central healthcare centers and improve service quality,

The establishment of 4 counseling centers for the treatment of hepatitis C cases in primary health care centers where the analyzes are conducted in full, as well as the rumors needed to detect the disease and detect contact

The health centers of Riyadh have shown that these centers are an extension of health efforts to activate the role of health centers and support doctors in various specialties such as esophagus, ophthalmologist, children, surgery, asthma, preventive medicine, ENT, dialectical, orthopedic, feminine. From service recipients in residential neighborhoods.

Specialized Centers serve patients transferred from Primary Health Care Centers to reduce hospital pressure and reduce waiting lists

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