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Egyptian artist surprised by her separation from her husband .. The method of announcing shock


Posted by امير فتحي on Wed Nov 07, 2018 10:49 PM –

The Egyptian artist Rasha Al-Khatib, through her Facebook account, published a photo showing that a woman's hand placed a wedding ring in the hands of a man as if she had returned him.

The picture was accompanied by a comment: "Everything is divided and shared". Observers considered it a declaration of separation from her husband Saudi businessman after a marriage of years.

Which posed many questions among the fans. Many have expressed their surprise at this sudden separation, especially since they have not been previously notified of any differences between the spouses.

It is noteworthy that the artist's latest TV appearance was in the "Grand House" series before being absent from the art scene.

It contained the character of a girl named Rasha along with some of the most prominent faces of the Egyptian screen, such as Lucy, Ahmad Badir, Susan Badr, Munther Rihanna, Reem Bouchnak, Hajjaj Abdul Azim and Tariq Sabri. The series was written by Ahmed Subhi and directed by Mohammed Al-Nukali

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