Saturday , April 1 2023

Meteorology: Thunder and wind continue to rain in 11 areas. Tuesday


The General Meteorological Service predicted in its report on tomorrow's weather that continuous thunderstorms accompanied by cold and active dust and dust showers restrict the horizontal visibility of the eastern areas of Havre al-Watin, Qaysumah, Qasim and the northern and western parts of Riyadh, and parts of hail, northern borders and Jouf.

The Authority stated, on its website, on Monday night that the opportunity is still ready for storms accompanied by active winds to restrict the horizontal vision, the Jazan, Asir, Baha and Mecca (including coastal) regions extends to heights of the city.

Fog is also expected during the night and in the early hours in the eastern region, the southwest and the western highlands, as well as in the northern and central kingdoms.

For the status of the Red Sea, "meteorology" showed that the wind rises north to northwest above the northern and central parts, south to south-east in the south, at 20-40 km / h, the wave height from one meter to two meters and the state of the sea moderate to wavy.

The surface winds of the Arabian Gulf are southeast at 18-38 km / h, the wave height from one meter to two meters, and the average of the state of the sea.

And the temperatures in some cities of the Kingdom on Tuesday, as follows:

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