Friday , September 30 2022

Microsoft plans to launch a new version of Xbox One without this feature in 2019


Microsoft plans to launch a new version of Xbox One, which is expected to be released without a CD player in 2019, According to the Indian website Fonearena.

The 2019 version will be free from the CD player according to Microsoft's plan, which can be a source of dissatisfaction for many users as they will not be able to use their CDs or those who do not want to use cloud services.

But this good news is that the price of this release will be at $ 200, according to expectations, as Microsoft announced to reduce the cost of manufacturing the device, reflecting the turn to the consumer and the company, while the new Xbox One is expected in the company's program. And CD games from retailers with a downloadable digital copy, thus solving a problem that many users will encounter if they buy it.

In this release, the company seeks to learn how the public will react to the purchase of a device without a CD player and will use it to make a final decision for the release of the next generation.

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