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Ramadan Sobi leads the Olympic team in second friendly against Tunisia


Mohammed Magdi

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Sunday 18 November 2018 – 6:44 pm
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Sunday 18 November 2018 – 6:51 pm

Shawki Gharib, the coach of the Olympic team, announced the creation of the struggle for the Tunisian Olympic team in the second friendly, which will be held at peace.

The formation of the group consists of:

Goalkeepers: Omar Radwan – Mahmud Al Jazar – Ahmet Ramadan Beckham – Osama Jalal – Akram Tauphik – Mohamed Sandy – Karim Nedvedev – Mohammed Mahmud – Ramadan Sobi Nasser Mahler – Taher Mohamed Taher.

While the technical coach of the Tunisian Olympic team, Shukri Al-Khatawi, announced the creation of the fight with Egypt.

The formation came as follows:

Ghaith Al-Yafrani, Nasim Henaid, Jasser Al-Khumairi, Bahaa Al-Salami, Monserrah Al-Talbi, Ahmet Al-Riddai, Malik Baiyu, Mohamed Amin Muskini, Ayoub and Fakhri Al-Auji.

It is worth noting that the Olympic team has won a 4-goal goal against its Tunisian counterpart in the friendly match. "Continue Details"

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