Friday , August 12 2022

So, the president of the Association of Sports Media commented on the reputation of innocence in Marseilles!


Al-Wiamam-Riyadh-Ibrahim Al-Saleh

The head of the Sports Media Association, Dr. Rajaa Allah Al-Salami, today explained the truth about the innocence of former referee Fahad Al-Mardasi, who has been suspended for corruption and offensive since May.

Publishing certain newspapers on "Fahd Al-Mardasi" is a big professional mistake because it has nothing to do with media work but is even closer to making enthusiasm away from the professional.

He added: "I am surprised that the news is published without a return to the official sources, especially that the General Authority for the guidance of the continued guidance of His Excellency, the Chairman of the Board of Directors does not hesitate to clarify any sporting matter at any time and at any time.

It has been concluded by saying: Media professionalism requires the investigation of accuracy and the search for truth before publication, because there are those who are trying to confuse for purposes unrelated to sport.

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