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Thanks to the Saudi Embassy


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.. thanks to the Saudi Arabian embassy, ​​mentioning the position of Masrawy on Monday 5 November 2018.

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Artist Hassan Al-Raddad has just published a series of photographs accompanying his wife Emmy Samir Ghanem while in the Saudi Embassy on Monday morning in his personal account "Instagram"

Commenting on the photos, he said: "Thank you very much for Mr. Abdulrahman Al Ghashm, Saudi Arab Consul General, Mr. Sultan Al Harbi, Deputy General Manager of the Ambassador and Supervisor of the Meas Department of the Saudi Host Embassy in Cairo.

Al-Radad will hold a debate in Saudi Arabia in the coming days.

Thank you, fans and visitors of the news and confidence news and promise to provide you with all the new and important of all the trusted news sources that have been transferred (photos .. Hassan al-Raddad thanks to the Saudi Arabian Embassy) and the source is responsible for what has been reported in the news.
Source: Masrawy

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