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The daughter of a businessman wearing a wedding dress for only $ 455,000 on her wedding day


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Pictures from the daughter of a businessman who married on her wedding day only $ 455,000, quoting the Masrawy region on Thursday, November 15, 2018.

Books – Hisham Awad:

She wore a bridal gown in her legendary wedding, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and took dozens of bags with precious and luxurious gifts.

The value of the dresses and jewelery worn by Aina Dzabilova, 22, was about $ 585,000. The cost of the dress she wore at the ceremony was $ 455,000, along with jewelry worth $ 130,000, according to Metro.

The Chechen bride received 32 bags filled with luxury gifts for clothes, jewelery and cosmetics

The marriage was 600 men and took place in the Russian capital Moscow The bride is the nephew of a famous businessman Omar Dzhavilov Her husband, Hider Srbor, 26, is the director of an oil company in Moscow.

The dresses worn by the Chechen bride were designed by renowned Lebanese designers Zuhair Mourad and Elie Saab and wore a range of fine jewelery and a diamond crown from Dubai.

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Source: Masrawy

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