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They spontaneously saw Najwa Karam, Asala and Latifa


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Written by امير فتحي on Friday 9 November 2018 09:40 AM –

najwa assala latifa

najwa assala latifa

They spontaneously saw Najwa Karam, Asala and Latifa

Lebanese actor Najwa Karam participated in a workout for a new season of Arab Gute Talent.

Which prompted Syrian artist Asala to comment on this icon of spontaneity and expressed the craving for her colleague and commented: "Suddenly I miss you and suddenly a lot of love for you."

In turn, Karam responded by saying, "I am with you, you will be nice and will be treated with surprise because you lost."

These comments did not go unnoticed by the Tunisian artist Latifa, who replied: "Suddenly I missed.

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