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Warm beverages in plastic glasses .. The poisons we drink with our hands


Hot drinks in plastic glasses .. The poisons we drink with our hands We send our guests News News Today through our news and we start With the new, hot drinks in plastic glasses .. The poisons we drink with our hands.

Many of us use small plastic cups to get tea, coffee or other hot or cold drinks, and many of us also use spoons, knives and plastic grids to get food that is very hot.

Many insist on continuing to use these plastic cups, particularly despite many warnings and many of the seriousness of the body and health and the damage and incidence of diseases such as cancer.

But someone asked us why they used plastic cups or why not use glass or metal instead?

However, there are many reasons for stopping the use of plastic cups and other disposable plastic items.

The main reason for such a warning is of course to know the basic structure of plastic cups, bisphenol and polypropylene, which are industrial chemicals.

These materials have been used in the manufacture of plastics since the 1960s and are often involved in the manufacture of food and beverage storage containers.

Such a substance is not only harmful to humans, but it poses a great threat to the environment, especially because its use is very large and very common.

Devastating effects

When we use these plastic containers to get hot liquids, the heat of the liquids heats the plastic cups, and therefore the materials in the construction, which work to cover the stomach after taking these liquids, such as tea and coffee.

In addition, the interaction between chemical and hot liquids helps to increase obesity, adversely affects puberty and leads to cancer among many other diseases.

It also affects the alpha cells responsible for insulin production in the pancreas, so the presence of such chemicals in the body can affect the level of glucose and diabetes, depending on what has happened.

Similarly, washing plastic glasses in hot water for reuse, causing similar damage, even if used for cold drinks.

The test results in people who drank hot drinks with plastic glasses showed that 95 percent of them had high levels of bisphosphol.

The presence of high percentages of pepsinol in the body can be very dangerous for pregnant women and embryos, and can lead to breast cancer and can lead to miscarriage.

In men, taking hot drinks with plastic cups can cause prostate cancer and reduces the level and number of sperm in the body. In other words, it leads men to be barren.

One of the fascinating effects of drinking with plastic cups is that it is involved in reducing body immunity.

Another result is that people can become more aggressive and hyperactive, the notes on the Wikipedia site.

Finally, getting hot drinks through these cups makes recycling difficult and incomplete, making them also environmental problems.

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