Monday , October 3 2022

Warning of heavy rain in the courtyard area


Al-Bahá – harmony:

The General Meteorology and Environmental Protection Authority has warned of moderate to severe storms in the Baha area accompanied by cold showers and active dust winds leading to floods.

The warning included the city of Al-Baha, the provinces of Biljurchi, Al-Mandaq, Al-Mahwah and the adjacent areas, which will continue until 7 pm.

Al-Baha, the Al-Baha civilian defense department spokesperson, Jumban bin Daes Al-Ghamdi, called on all to follow the directions and directives of the civil defense in such cases and to keep them away from the peaks and floods and avoid to disembark during rains and retirement.

He stressed that the civilian defense staff in the area in their service with the number 998 and around the clock, wishing all the permanent security.

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