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Watch the serial Artegrl episode 124 Bad Diriliş Ertuğrul Part V YouTube online


We offer you our favorite viewers following Artegurl V, Part V Episode 124, where the Artegrl series is one of the most successful television series that has reached the highest view in Egypt and the Arab world as the largest historical series achieves great success, as the series of resurrection Diriliş Ertuğrul is the weekly show The episode translates to Arabic on many channels, allowing everyone to watch the episode more than once a week in different and the date that suits him the whole day that RTT broadcasts the exclusive broadcast of the series in Arabic except for the lighting site and the owner of the broadcast right exclusively to the Muslims All the parts of the five.

Watch the order of the Artegirl 124 Part V resurrection episode

The series has made many changes in decorations and also the appearance of new stars and characters has reached 250, making the series more exciting and interesting, which awaits all viewers in Turkey and the Arab world, has The fifth part of Artgarl's resurrection shot in the Turkish village Yafa, overlooking the Black Sea, and the excitement and fun of adding to the historical events also changed the costumes of the characters and decorations, attracting millions of viewers.

The order of the resurrection of Argerel Part V Diriliş Ertuğrul

The history of Arjerlal's historical revival is rotated around Sultan Bin Sulayman Shah and the path of his Kaffa and his brother Gundogdo, where their purpose was to have a place to live his race (Kailar) and his master Sulaiman Shah breed. Next to the Saliba fortress and this requires fighting and fighting the Crusaders, as the Philippines is their main goal is to separate the Muslims.

Apart from the events, his brother Suliman Shah has conspired with the Crusaders to kill his brother and get rid of him in order to replace him and become a leader of Kabee. Trying to prevent a war between Ayyubids and Seljuk and stay with each other.

It is worth noting that you can follow the order of resurrection of Artagrill Part V episode 124 through the TV website showing the episodes of the series translated into Arabic as the events of episode 124 will revolve around Artegirl Suleiman Shah with the son of Kunduz where he is imprisoned because he tried to get to know a lot of the secrets in the box before the commander of Hong Kong Hulakos Khan took over and how to deal with Mrs Ablegene for what he did with his son.

To see the full episode, follow the link below : The RSS feed is the Artagrl Part V vicious 124 series

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