Tuesday , October 4 2022

Who is Jonathan Soriano, who is close to supporting Al-Hilal's Saudi attack? (Video)


The director of the Saudi club Al Hilal has approached the signing of his first winter deal. Former Barcelona coach Jonathan Soriano is expected to lead the attack, instead of Venezuelan Guillermo Rivas, who has not done what he is expected to do.

Al Hilal, the Saudi club, has gone a long way from negotiating with the Spanish striker.

According to sources, the Spanish striker will replace Venezuelan striker Guillemin Rivas, who did not provide what was expected from the previous season.

Al Hilal was close to signing Moroccan Mabarak Boussoufa before the deal failed in the last minute as it was expected to replace OOE's international Amouri due to his injury to the cross-link.

Jonathan Suryano's contract with the Chinese team in Beijing will end the next winter transfer.

Who is Jonathan Soriano?

The start of Jonathan Soriano was at Espanyol Spaniards, he also participated in the first team of the team and crowned the King's Cup and then borrowed from 2006 to 2009 when he played with the return of Barcelona.

Pep Guardiola refused to admit the 33-year-old to the Austrian Red Bull, where he played 202 games, scoring 172 goals, making 72 and winning four championship leagues.

In January 2017, he signed the Chinese team in Beijing with 36 fights, scoring 31 goals and another 6. His contract ends in December this year and the player does not want to be renewed.

In his professional career, the Spaniard played almost 351 games, scoring 245 goals and 82 goals.

Soriano has already represented several Spanish clubs, mainly Barcelona (playing only one match), Barcelona (47) and Espanyol (47).

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