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Director, Department of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (PERN) –


Rank: EL 5
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SAP NO: 50092420
DATE OF CLOSURE: 13 DECEMBER 2018 (at 23:59 GMT)


The African Development Bank was founded in 1964 and is the first Pan-African development foundation. Its mission is to promote economic growth and social progress across the continent. The Bank has 80 member countries, including 54 African countries (regional member countries). The Bank's development program aims to provide financial and technical support to transformation projects that will significantly reduce poverty through participatory and sustainable economic growth. In order to focus more on the objectives of the 10-year strategy (2013-2022) and to achieve greater developmental impact, five major regions (high of 5) were identified in which interventions for Africa should be stepped up. , namely: energy, rural industry, industrialization, integration and improvement of the quality of life of African populations.


The Vice-President of the Presidency on Electricity, Energy, Climate and Green Development "is a sectoral group focused on the overarching objective of" Enlightening Africa and delivering energy to the top 5. "The ten-year strategy of the Bank. (i) to develop policies and strategies in this area; (ii) to provide strong regional technical expertise to the regions by offering a group of experienced people who can consult for their experience in the near future; (iii) develop new financial instruments; (iv) be a representative of the Bank, representing it externally in all aspects related to the "Transparency of Africa and Energy" objective. systems, policy and regulation, renewable energy sources and climate and green growth.


PEPI will oversee the development of strategies and policies in the field of energy systems, ensure coherence between stakeholders and represent the Bank in external bodies, start projects, develop new innovative financial instruments and ensure implementation of the Enlighten Africa and Energize Energy. The Group will initiate and execute transactions in the public and private sector in cooperation with our regional offices and other divisions of the Group.

There is a section in this new group responsible for renewable energy and energy efficiency (PERN). The overall objective of the Directorate is to promote the development of renewable energy sources in Africa, energy efficiency and clean cooking solutions. It is the responsibility of the Director to lead the team to achieve these Bank and RMCs targets. The team will guide the Bank's initiatives in the field, lead projects with public and private projects, and work with customers on network, micro-network and off-network solutions.


The Director will assume overall responsibility for the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (PERN) Directorate and will be responsible for assisting the regional members of the Bank and the sub-regions of Africa for the development of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and integrating clean cooking solutions into their energy systems, combining public and private sector activities. As such, it will oversee the Heads of Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy and Energy Chambers to: (i) promote the development of renewable energy sources in the African continent and (ii) promote energy efficiency and clean cooking solutions (iii) and implement various initiatives with KEMs, donors and other stakeholders.
In addition, it will be responsible for coordinating the implementation of relevant flagship programs, such as the Desert-to-Power program, the DESCO funding program, the Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa, the market development program. green mini-grids and the Energy Inclusion Fund. In doing so, the Director should also cooperate extensively with external partners, in coordination with other departments of the Bank, to mobilize funds and co-finance the climate.


By submitting directly to the Vice President for Electricity, Energy, Climate and Green Development (PEVP), the Director of the Department of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (PERN) will assume the following tasks and responsibilities:

1. Coordinate the implementation of the relevant emblematic programs to ensure the implementation of the new energy pact.
2. It monitors the Renewable Energy Directorate to promote the development of renewable energy sources in the African continent and sets the Bank not only as a benchmark for renewable energy but also as an effective and innovative partner for KEMs and the private sector sector financing and the implementation of projects in this area;
3. Watch the Energy Efficiency and Pure Cooking Directorate to promote energy efficiency and clean cooking.
4. To oversee the workflow of energy initiatives to promote and implement various initiatives with various actors.
5. Ensure that divisions maintain dialogue with platform teams in the process of identifying, preparing, implementing and monitoring renewable energy, off-grid energy efficiency and clean cooking solutions.
6. Linking with regional and national agencies for the creation and implementation of renewable RES projects in the SPS.
7. Ensure that Management provides KMM support to ensure the effective implementation of renewable energy components as part of their national contributions.
8. Ensure that the Directorate will help the CES to create a favorable political and regulatory environment (including the setting of quality standards) for the development of renewable energy, off-grid / mini-grid access, energy efficiency and clean cooking solutions.
9. Ensure that the Management provides technical advice on supporting energy projects and improving access to finance through specialized funding mechanisms and extended safeguards.
10. Ensure that the Branch provides technical guidance for supporting energy-efficient catalyst projects and improving access to finance small energy efficiency projects.
11. Ensure that the Department provides technical advice to support investments in clean cooking solutions, including supply-side support for SMEs providing clean cooking solutions and promoting clean cooking on the demand side.
12. Co-operation with the Division of Financial Solutions, Energy Policy and Regulatory Issues on regulatory issues and the structure and financial analysis of complex / innovative projects related to energy efficiency and clean cooking.
13. Helps the Bank to position itself as a leader in the field of knowledge and reflection on the relevant issues.
14. Promote an environment that stimulates and rewards innovation, creativity and accountability for results and encourages staff to maximize their impact on the ground.
15. Supervises the Energy Incentive Fund managed by an external manager.
16. Monitor the Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (SEFA) and test its replenishment with SEFA 2.0.
17. Perform other duties as requested by the Vice-President of the Force, Energy, Climate and Green Development.

SKILLS (qualifications, experience and knowledge):

1. Possess at least a postgraduate diploma or an equivalent degree in electrical engineering, renewable energy, climate change or related fields. an additional skill is desirable, preferably in science, economics and finance.
2. Demonstrate at least ten (10) years of professional experience in fields related to energy financing, particularly in Africa, plus five (5) years of managerial experience and / or supervision and coordination of work programs or projects;
3. Have a deep understanding and understanding of the international program and geopolitics of renewable energy, climate change and green growth.
4. Have an extensive network and experience from international organizations and organizations active in the field of renewable energy and climate change in Africa and the world, including the UNFCCC, the Global Climate Facility (GCF), the Global Environment Facility (GEF), the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the African Union Commission, the African Ministerial Conference on the Environment (AMCEN), the Africa Environment Ministers' (CEMA) and other relevant bodies to ensure the effective implementation of renewable energy projects and climate change mitigation measures.
5. Priority will be given to applicants with experience in the implementation of renewable energy projects in public services as well as to projects focusing on medium / small scale renewable energy solutions.
6. Long experience in financing climate action will be an asset.
7. Being able to innovate and define approaches to improving performance and increasing the impact on the Bank and its customers.
8. Demonstrate the ability to effectively communicate and engage key actors in the delivery of services (private sector, public sector and civil society).
9. Proven ability to work with multiple organizations to achieve complex goals.
10. Demonstrate a proven ability to build and lead a successful team to achieve ambitious and visionary goals.
11. Be a leader that inspires and can motivate others to achieve quality results in complex and demanding environments.
12. Demonstrate strong interpersonal skills that translate into an ability to work in a multicultural and multinational environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity, while creating trust and providing a healthy working environment for the various members of the group.
13. They have very developed negotiation skills and proven experience in negotiating with senior executives, internally and externally.
14. Ability to listen and communicate effectively with supervisory bodies such as multinational organizations, boards of directors and board of directors and directors, as well as other senior government officials.
15. Good understanding of the factors that promote or hinder success in complex regulatory, political and cultural environments.
16. Have in-depth knowledge of the renewable energy sector across Africa and have experience in conducting comprehensive assessments of the technical and economic potential of renewable energy sources.
17. Good understanding of issues related to energy efficiency and clean cooking solutions.
18. Has good knowledge of the work of multilateral development finance organizations.
19. Have strong strategic thinking skills and be able to implement practical and sustainable policies and regulations based on concepts and strategic guidelines.
18. Demonstrate experience in establishing and managing relationships with various partners – local organizations, governments and financial institutions.
19. Be able to communicate effectively (written and spoken) in English or French, with good working knowledge of the other language.
20. Learn how to use the standard software of the Bank (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint).
Only candidates who meet all of the Bank's requirements and are selected for further evaluation will contact you. Candidates must submit a CV and any additional documents that may be required on-line. The President of ADB reserves the right to appoint a candidate for a grade lower than the advertised position. The African Development Bank is an employer guaranteeing equal opportunities. Women's applications are strongly encouraged.

The African Development Bank (AfDB) Group does not receive any remuneration or contribution of any kind from the candidates during the recruitment process (submission or processing of the application, interview, etc.). In addition, the Bank does not ask for information about the candidates' bank accounts. The African Development Bank team disclaims any responsibility for the fraudulent publication of jobs on its behalf or, in general, fraudulent use of its name in any way.


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The Managing Director is responsible for all the tasks entrusted to the structure and which do not, in a specific way,
assignments of the Board of Directors. Ensures the technical, administrative and financial management of the structure.

Duration of commitment

Duration of three (03) years renewable once.


  • Preparation of the proceedings submitted to the Board of Directors meetings, implementation of the Board's decisions and reporting on their execution.
  • Report regularly to the supervising minister.
  • Specify all revenue orders

Title H2

Educational programs and experiences:

  • BAC + 5 level in Telecom, Law, Finance and Administration
  • Knowledge of the field of electronic communications as an asset.

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