Wednesday , May 31 2023

Franco-Togolese Thierry Lawson spent three months in jail


Franco-Togolese Thierry Lawson, who has been assigned to Almadies, is silent in silence in the next three months. On October 23, his car was stopped, the Polish police officers. Car Search has allowed investigators to discover 4 amphetamine tablets. The study continued with 24 tablets in his apartment.

Auditioned, he claims that the drug was offered to him by friends who were created in France for his own personal consumption. Your friend, Mr. Ba, who was with him in the car, states that he is not a trader or a consumer of this harmful product. Both were transferred to the prosecutor's office and Mr Ba was temporarily released.

Offering or handing over drugs is held in front of a court of serious crimes in Dakar. "I did not know that the drug was a drug I had taken three times a day to make sure that my friend Mr. Ba did not use it and accompanied me to my friend's house on the night of our arrest." Thierry Lawson, a merchant of his state car.

The prosecutor's office was obliged to apply the law.

As far as the defense lawyers are concerned, he asked for the exclusion of facts held by drugs. For Ousseynou Gaye, my client can not be considered a human trader. Until you say the police file is not known. "He was accidentally arrested and alone he led the police to his house and said that the tablets gave him energy, never offered up his friend Mr. Ba, which he had set up from the beginning," he emphasized.

Finally, Judge Thierry Lawson was sentenced to three months' imprisonment for possession of the drug. Mr. Ba was calm.

Kady FATY Leral

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