Wednesday , May 31 2023

Google Seeks: Toyota dominates the world Car news


Every week, in the world of the car, it is possible to see many studies on many issues. Although they are almost all interesting, they are sometimes dismissed.

Apart from this time, an UK-based insurance company just published the results of a study and the least we can say is that the latter is as simple and exciting.

In fact, Veygo has identified the car brand that is the most sought-after in the Google engine, and this country by country.

If Toyota dominates the planet, as our title shows, we can see surprises in many places. Perhaps most incredible is that domestic brands are rarely favored. This is particularly true in the United States, where Toyota has signed one of its top 57 locations around the world.

In Italy, it is Volkswagen. In Korea and Japan, we do not dream of a Honda or a Toyota, but a BMW. In the UK, Mercedes-Benz is the most sought-after in Google. In China, Tesla dominates the charts.

And Hyundai sits in Russia!

In France, Germany and Sweden, there are local banners, Renault, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo, respectively.

And who's also going to the podium? BMW and Mercedes-Benz, which dominate research in 25 and 23 countries, in turn.

As for American brands, this is not a panacea. Chevrolet is popular in Mexico as well as in four markets in South America (Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador and Uruguay). For Ford, three countries are particularly interested, namely Hungary, Aruba and Gibraltar.

It's sad, but it's better than Dodge, which does not seem anywhere.

And Chrysler? In Burkina Faso. This has not been invented!

The 10 most searched brands worldwide (searches per month):

Toyota – 7.8 million
Honda – 7 million
Ford – 6.4 million
Hyundai – 6.3 million
BMW – 6.2 million
Volkswagen – 5.8 million
Mercedes-Benz – 5.1 million
Nissan – 4.9 million
Audi – 4.8 million
Renault – 4.8 million

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