Monday , October 3 2022

Here are the latest nominations from Macky Sall


Individual actions: Here are the last meetings from Macky Sall

Council of Ministers of Senegal

At the Council of Ministers on Wednesday, the President of the Republic, Mr Macky Sall, took the following individual measures:

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Mr. Mamadou Mounirou LY, Planner, former Coordinator of the National Anti-Contingency Program, is appointed Director of Promotion of Social Housing (DPHS) at the Ministry of Urban Regeneration, Housing and Vital Environment.

The Minister of Public Administration and Finance, former Coordinator of the Procurement Unit of the Ministry of Promotion of Investments, Partnerships and Development of Governmental Remote Sensing Services, was appointed as Director of General and Equipment Division for the Promotion of Investment, Partnership and Development of Telephone Services of the State.

Mrs Néné Ly SOUMARE, geographer-urban, is appointed Technical Inspector at the Ministry of Urban Renewal, Housing and Vital Environment, replacing Mr Boubacar DIALLO, who has admitted to claim his old-age pension rights.

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