Tuesday , October 4 2022

"If it was Brazil or Argentina, would they have done the same?" Nabil Djelit wonders


The Keita Baldé Diao case continues to waves. The Senegalese fighter was kept by his club because he did not receive a summons. An action "is not cool" according to Nabil Djelit.

In the entire Estelle team, the French football reporter, who pointed out "the tremendous clumsiness" of the SEGA, believes Inter was not cool about it. (…). "They do not have to release him, but somehow show the relationship they have with some federations. If it was Brazil or Argentina, they would have done the same thing?" He asked himself.

For Vikash Dhorasso, a former French footballer, there is simply a lack of respect for the choice of Senegal.

On the occasion of Keita Baldé Diao, who will not participate in the match of Guinea-Equatorial-Senegal on November 17, counting for the fifth day of the Can 2019 qualifiers, the national lion coach estimates that the Italian club could do the attempt to let the boy come. "I have club presidents who are calling me to find a consensus so that a player reaches a day with a delay in choosing. (…) We have always played the game with the clubs," he revealed.

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