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Maouloud 2018: Sonatel extends the support system and starts 4G +


For the smooth operation of Maouloud. Indeed, for this 117th Sonatel has increased the capacity of its networks, including mobile, in the cities of Tivaouane, Kaolack, Ndiassane and Thienaaba that host most pilgrims and all the locations in the country likely to host the faithful.

In addition, in order for live live broadcasting to live this great moment of warming, Sonatel kindly gave the specialized high-speed links organizational committees for the live broadcasting of various ceremonies on the Internet.

In order to facilitate the coordination of the members of the Steering Committee, Sonatel also provided Illimlix packages to enable them to communicate easily and coordinate the actions.

4G + in Tivaouane and Kaolack

Sonatel took the opportunity of this Gamou 2018 to install 14 new 4G + network sites, including 10 in Tivaouane and 4 in Kaolack for even higher connection speeds.

To enhance and improve connectivity, 74 sites 4G cover Tivaouane and Kaolack, including 14 with the new 4G + offering even higher speeds, enhanced by free WIFI terminals installed around large mosques and large prayer sites.

Sonatel adapts to each version of Gamou the ability of its various networks to meet the needs of pilgrims. To meet the peak of traffic generated by this important event and to meet Gamou's coverage needs, Sonatel has 150 2G stations, 74 3G + stations for better communications flow, boosted by 4G development at 74 stations for a long time high speed mobile access.

Thus, in total, Sonatel has developed this year a device of 509 mobile stations or BTS antennas, including 318 stations in the major cities of Tivaouane and Kaolack and 191 stations in other pilgrim sites.

Significant efforts have been made by Sonatel to ensure good quality mobile service on the various roads. This will allow our customers to continue to live an unparalleled Orange network experience on Gamou Street:

– 12 stations on the road to Tivaouane

– 06 Stations on the road to Caolak

This corresponds to an increase in 4G, 223% in Tivaouane and 280% in Kaolack compared to the previous version and 51% in Tivaouane and 15% in Kaolack to 3G. This will allow pilgrims to experience a new mobile experience.

Additional maintenance settings have also been made on the fixed network to ensure a good distribution of traffic in our equipment and to avoid saturation during peak hours.

Special online links to broadcast the live event

Sonatel has also made available to the Organizing Committee specialized Internet connections (LS) as well as ADSL access for the live broadcast of Gamou and related events on the Internet.

In order to facilitate access to the Internet during Gamou de Tivaouane, Kaolack and Ndiassane stations, a 60 access point network distributed between 17 free wifi zones is being developed in some central pilgrim sites. This gives a capacity of 15,000 users per hour.

Enhanced Citizen Engagement And Unleash Sunu Gox at Tivaouane

This year, Sonatel renews the commitment of its citizens through the "ãnd defar sunu gox" project, which is taking place in Tivaouane for the third consecutive year. Hundreds of cleaning tools are destined for the great sanctuary of the holy city before, during and after Maouloud.

14,000 homemade kits for the welfare of pilgrims

Other amenities such as mattresses, kettles, pitchers, flower pots and cups are also offered by Sonatel to help worship pilgrims. These are thousands of housing packages that will be made available for better reception of visitors.

Kirene water distribution: 80,000 bottles

On the social front, Sonatel, accompanied by her partner, Kirène, renewed the water distribution operations by increasing the quota allocated to reception sites for the pilgrims and the religious families of the 80,000 Kirène water bottles. 20,000 bottles of 1.5 liters and 60,000 bottles of 0.5 liters.

Thousands of meals were distributed to pilgrims in Tivaouane and Kaolack

In the context of the actions of its citizens, Sonatel also launched an action called "BERNDEL AK ORANGE" related to Set Set-Set activities carried out by the organizing committees. Thus, more than 3000 meals (meals and dinners) are distributed, in Tivaouane and Kaolack, on Gamou's Eve.

A digital village has been developed and 4G chips are offered for free

The digital village where customers can take care of and at the same time discover a digital world is growing again. It also renews the installation of scenes in the holy city and the extension of the hours of operation of the local Orange organization until 22h. even for the weekend preceding Gamou.

In order to allow the right customers (with compatible phones) to navigate to 1st The Senegal 4G network, Orange offers them a free 4G chip. They will also be able to communicate peacefully with their loved ones thanks to 3G + chips.

Press area for accredited journalists and live broadcast of Maouloud online

In order to facilitate media coverage of Maouloud, Sonatel, in collaboration with the Organizing Committee, renews the traditional "Press Space" for journalists, including special envoys, for media coverage in Tivaouane.

The Sonatel Press area is a meeting place in Maouloud for 16 years. It will be equipped with computers permanently connected to the Internet, fixed telephone lines, network printers, and WIFI networks that will enable notebook reporters to connect directly, which increases the availability of workstations. installed.

Orange Money, the Kalpé of the Pilgrim: One hundred kiosks developed to enhance proximity

Sonatel renewed this year a specific device to facilitate financial exchanges during Mahouloud. Thanks to Orange Money, every pilgrim has the opportunity to put his money safe during his trip to Tivaouane or Kaolack and his stay in host cities.

Since traveling during the period is not easy, Sonatel has implemented various devices across the city to increase proximity to users and facilitate deposit, withdrawal or money transfer operations. This includes installing a hundred kiosks, creating permanent jobs and hiring more than 150 young people from Tivaouane and Kaolack to travel to these cities.

With this same prospect, Sonatel offers pilgrims the opportunity to make their deposits and withdrawals at Kalpé without traveling, calling 33 824 39 39.

Through all these devices, Sonatel confirms its willingness to participate in the success of the great Maouloud in Tivaouane, Kaolack, Ndiassane, Thienaaba and other sites celebrating Gamou.

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