Monday , October 3 2022

Pierre Goudiaby Atépa: "The TER is scandal. 30 km cost about 1 billion euros" – La Vie Sénégalaise


In an interview with the newspaper WalfQuotidien, architect Pierre Goudiaby Atepa, a presidential candidate, was very keen on Macky Sall and Ter's work describes it as a scandal.

"Do you know that Ter does not arrive at the airport? You also know that this 30 km finally costs about 1 billion euros and that the Moroccan TGV inaugurated on Thursday costs two billion euros and is 300 kilometers. When you face choices like this, do you think that it is not possible to manage a country like this, " said Pierre Atepa Goudiaby.

Continuing, the architect reveals that at the time of Abdoulaye Wade, he asked her if we could get the Indians to make a feasibility study of the Dakar-Tambacounda-Kolda railway line.Ziguinchor.

"All the studies are there, and it is the same honor as Ter. When I see such things, I say no, I am a patriot who considers all Senegalese young children to be his own and wants them a better future, for not to say radiant I know it's possible, he said.

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