Monday , October 3 2022

"Plastic Odyssey", a vessel to raise awareness about recycling plastic waste


A boat that chooses to use plastic as a fuel: this is the adventure of Plastic Odissey. Started an original. Part of the crew was in Brussels to present the project on Thursday.

"This catamaran is a recycling ambassador"Explains Simon Bernard, engineer and engineer of the project." Many engineers have been gathered to develop the system, which is freely accessible: the beginning – the plastic is being processed to acquire diesel and gasoline, which are part of its components. A pound of plastic can give one liter of fuel.

The goal is not to clean the oceans. "Once found in the sea, it is too late: only 1% of the plastic waste floats on the surface, the remaining 99% precipitates or decomposes into microparticles", Explains Simon Bernard again."The tap must be shut off at the source and recycling must be accessible. ""The idea is to offer the countries most affected by pollution, developing countries, recycling technologies that can be reproduced and improved to create a monolithic network of small recycling companies. "

Simon BERNARD, engineer and founder of Plastic Odyssey, is the guest of M, the editor's mag
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